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Simple and colorful

The PlayStore link for Mix o Tron
A screenshot displaying how Mix o Tron looks in-game

Yes, Mix-o-Tron is one of these games you know are pointless but you keep on playing anyways.

You control a dot on its journey up. Watch the symbols flowing underneath the dot. When you tap the screen these symbols stop moving and the dot does whatever the symbol directly below it tells it to. But don't wait too long because the dot is shrinking and will eventually disappear.

By completing quests or simply playing the game you earn points you can then invest in different shapes and colors for your dot. Compete with your friends for the best score or see how high you can climb the global leaderboards.

Mix-o-Tron takes the popular one touch gameplay and gives it it's own unique touch.

Jack Reno's Adventure

Solve challenging puzzles

The PlayStore link for Jack Reno's Adventure
A screenshot displaying how Jack Reno's Adventure looks in-game

Jack Reno's Adventure isn't a game for everyone! If your're looking for light entertainment and casual puzzles to make you feel smarter you have come to the wrong place. Instead this game gives you hand-made and quite complex puzzles that each have their own twist and are definetly not easy to solve.

You guide legendary explorer Jack Reno through long forgotten ruins on the search for ancient artifacts. Unfortunately the treasures are protected by traps and monsters to keep tomb raiders at bay. Each level consists of up to 49 tiles of different types, each with their own unique characteristics. To beat the level you need to carefully plan out your steps to reveal and collect the artifact.

So far I haven't heared of anyone who could beat all 40 levels on their own, except me of course. So go ahead and see how far you get! And if you want to go even further you can try to unlock all gold stars which are handed out if you beat a level with the least amout of moves.