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Haunted House

Vr vs. Smartphone

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The most common cardboard zombie on a forest background The player shooting orbs at an enraged girl zombie Display of the minimalistic cardboard optics of Haunted House Vr vs. Smartphone The tank zombie inside the haunted house Demonstration of the multiplayer component of the game. One player controls the monsters while the other fends them off.

Haunted House Vr vs. Smartphone is an action driven title for the Gear Vr and Google Daydream.

Inside the Haunted House you have to fend of waves of cardboard monsters. Use the touchpad or the Daydream controller to launch paper projectiled at approaching enemies to not be turned into a brainless monster yourself. See how long you can last in the enless survival mode.

But the real fun begins when you play with a friend!
The core idea of the game is that one player enters the Haunted House while the other player controls the monsters. So the second player can decide where and when to spawn monsters and distractions and when to use his power ups. His aim is to have one cut-out creature sneak up on the first player who has to slay every monster to win the round.

Just download the free Haunted House Puppet Master App on your Android Smartphone and connect via Bluetooth or network to take control over the hordes of undead packaging.

Find out whether the Puppetmaster's army will prevail or if his opponent can slay all the cardboard cut-outs.

Haunted House Vr vs. Smartphone is a game.